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Betsabe Kia, PSYCH-K Facilitator,Theta Healing Instructor , Master Lifeline Technique Practitioner and Acupuncturist.

"Betsabe Kia is one of those rare people who creates healing simply by being in her presence. Her passion to consciously serve humanity for the highest good combined with her mastery of The Lifeline Technique makes her a true leader in supporting others to create real change in their lives. I highly recommend Betty Kia as a Certified Lifeline Practitioner."

With Infinite Love and Gratitude
Dr. Darren Weissman
Developer of The Lifeline Technique

Betsabe Kia is a successful and experienced PSYCH-K Health and Wellbeing Facilitator, Theta Healing practitioner, Acupuncturist and currently the only Certified Lifeline Technique practitioner in London, UK.

Betsabe offers a holistic approach to bring harmony to your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. She has undertaken studies in TCM and Energy Medicine to ensure that your healing session extends to all aspects of your wellbeing.

Her practice involves working specifically with the subconscious mind to access and clear emotional blockages and limiting beliefs that are at the root of physical and emotional challenges. Using PSYCH-K, Theta Healing, Acupuncture and Human Energy Field Analysis, she works with a broad spectrum of clients ranging from infants to seniors and the physically challenged.
She gently guides you on an immersive journey to the core of your being and from that space of inner peace and safety she enables you to access, listen to and appreciate the language of your subconscious mind and to explore the deep resonant wisdom that lies within you.

Betsabe works with clients who experience:

*Physical Symptoms
*Relationship problems
*Chronic Pain
*Stressful experiences and past hurtful memories
*Patterns of dis-ease
*Patterns and limiting beliefs keeping you from succeeding in your work and life
*And much more……

"I have worked with many practitioners in the past but working with Betsabe was perhaps the most enjoyable experience I have had so far. She has a great skill in being able to put you at ease, as she explains the exciting and highly effective technique that she works in.
When I started the series of LIfeline sessions I was highly stressed out with work, a problem a lot of us face. After completing 6-7 sessions with Betsabe I noticed that I had changed my attitude towards work considerably and that the other stressors around me (clients, associates) had also changed their approach, being much more relaxed and less demanding. Betsabe really helped me shift my energy so that others around me could shift to reflect my new energy.

Lifeline also helped me put a lot of old, childhood issues to rest, the sort of things that weigh on your mind, not openly, but buried back there somewhere deep in you.

Betsabe has a great talent at making you feel comfortable as you explore those issues, and her's is a compassionate, open, embracing stance that holds you as you restore some balance to old wounds. If you are stressed or your mind preoccupied, if you are out of balance in some way, Betsabe has the tools to help you get back on track, using her interesting Lifeline technique. She has made a difference where others in the past were not able to. I put it down to the way the Lifeline technique is structured. It's more comprehensive than a lot of alternatives out there. If you feel in a rut, I'd say call Betsabe. One other great thing about Betsabe is that she follows up on you to see that you are still doing well. Also, unlike a lot of others in the therapy world, she is there for extra support if you happen to need her." J, Clapham 2013

I met Betsabe through a friend, who has had excellent results thanks to him for his referral.

I decided to try to improve myself and to stop criticising myself in a destructive way. It was great to be able to know me better and learn to see my life from a positive point of view.

Betsabe taught me a method to love 100 percent my life and live it with joy! I have learned to live in the present, every moment with joy.
I was able to create a deeper relationship with my father and my mother, no more grudges, feeling really great gratitude to them.
Thanks to Betsabe, I also changed my attitude towards work, my boss and my colleagues.
Living with joy and trying to pass it on to others my life is changing, and has been enriched.
Betsabe is a beautiful person, if I had to describe her in one word I would use JOY!

INFINITE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ! Emy Venturini, Paris, France

"Dear Betsabe,

I would like to thank you for all your help and support. As you know this year has been a very difficult year for me. During this year two members of my family passed away and this left me in a very confused state. I was in a great deal of pain,feeling tired, and grief stricken. It was during this time that I met you and you told me about the Life Line technique. We began using this technique, and from the first treatment, I began to feel and understand myself on a deeper level. I found the LLT very relaxing and at the same time your enthusiasm for the technique was so infectious, which seems to flow into me encouraging me, to know that I could and would become happy, and I would cope with the grief, that at the time was engulfing me. You encouraged me to start eating a healthy diet, and taught me affirmations and meditation techniques which I continue to use. During my treatment you continually supported me on a daily basis. I have learnt a great deal by going on this journey, and will continue using the techniques that you taught me.

Thank you once again." C. C (London)

"Reading different books of famous people and then finding the youtube links of them on this website, I was interested to know how this technique could use that knowledge in my personal life. Personally, I found it powerful and got the result which I came for.

Apart from the technique, Betsabe is lovely, her kind and patient personality is admirable and I really enjoyed experiencing LLT with her. I will miss you Betty, thank you for everything." Kamran (London)

“For years I suffered from Migraine attacks since I was 12 years old I thought it came from my mother who also suffers from this pain for years and years. My headache is usually a pulsating or throbbing pain on one side of the head. I usually have nausea or vomiting, and I become extreme sensitivity to bright light and loud sounds, with a strong desire to lie down in a darkened room. This stage lasts for four to 72 hours I had taken medications prescribed by medical doctors, and also experienced the negative side effects that comes along with them, I was prescribed Sumatriptan50 mg and Rizatriptan 10mg (oral Lyophilisate) . I was given all kinds of diagnosis and all kinds of medical treatments and tests for over past 24 years. Recently I experienced pressure and almost nervous breakdown due to a financial problem in my life, nothing could help me and I was shut down from outside world and did not want to see anyone until I became to know that life line could be a possible solution to my anxieties.
Knowing Betty ( Betsabe) could led to my first Lifeline session with her . For me, it was extremely powerful! A one session changed my life! I experienced entrenched emotions. Her techniques, helped me heal my Migraine pain in the second session, that years of medications couldn’t do. I found out that medications are just a cover up for problems such as migraine they are not healing them . I was healed through the Lifeline Technique. These issues in my life were addressed and relieved completely! after each session I was grateful and amazed. My negative symptoms and migraine have not returned since.
Betty helped me to overcome my sadness and anxiety and helped me to go through to one of my biggest challenge in my life; I came out relaxed and powerful it was great to know that she was there to support me throughout this process. I highly recommend her she is very patient, knowledgeable and caring, she thought me how to keep myself from problem only with Love. I experienced no negative side affects at all; only positive, lasting, and profound healing.

I am so grateful to know Betty and her amazing technique, since then I am telling everyone about this life changing method and hearten them to come and experience this amazing method as I did with Betty, she is beyond doubt a gift to the life line .Thank you Betty for all you have done for me." Bahareh Teimouri (London)

Last June I underwent a very distressful experience. I experienced two episodes of atrial fibrillation and, as a consequence, I developed anxiety and insomnia. Betty has been fantastic in helping me to overcome it little by little trough lifeline therapy. I regained a good sleep and completely stopped anxiety. She helped me to transform old negative emotions into positive ones. She has been so kind and friendly all the time and ever available every time I have had need for a quick help. I introduced her to some of my friends for therapy and I am convinced that she can really help people to harmonise and transform their emotional difficulties that is preventing them to live the life they love to live. Andrea Bottai, Italy

I have been seeing Betty for about a year now with varying problems, most pressing of which was my lower back pain. I had a fairly intensive course of acupuncture, which after a couple of sessions significantly improved.

Betty is a friendly and very calm and caring person and extremely knowledgeable about all forms of treatments and can also advise about diet and exercises etc. I really feel much better after just spending some time chatting with her, my back has improved considerably.

I have also seen Betty for some EFT sessions which has helped with managing depression.

I can really and truthfully recommend Betty to anyone whatever your particular problem may be, it is a pleasure to know her and consider her more of a friend than a practitioner now, but she is very competent in both aspects. JP, Bromley

I can highly recommend Betty as an excellent practitioner. She is a real natural when it comes to helping people. Her sessions are run with great professionalism and never was I worried about what she was going to do to me. I feel and look ten years younger! Lalu P (London)



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